Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sewing patterns

Went through some of my sewing patterns today. Thought I'd thin things down a bit. Things seem to pile up around here if I don't prune once in a while. So I dug out some of the patterns that I got with great intentions, but never got around to using.

I have done loads of sewing over the years. Made my living at it for a while. And made most of my own clothes, and my kids clothes when they were small. As they grew they started making their own clothes. I made lots of teddy bears, and rabbits, and sheep, and dolls for gifts. But never got around to dear Noah with his Ark, or the cute snow men family, or the ducks (or are they chickens?)

It's hard for me to part with patterns. Any patterns. I love patterns. Sewing patterns, and especially hand sewing patterns, like embroidery, crazy quilt, applique patterns, cross stitch. I love them all. Patterns from shops, patterns from magazines. And when a person collects them for as long as I have, there gets to be a bit too many.

I'm afraid it's the same with all the supplies that go with the patterns. The fabric, the thread, the yarn, the needles, the embroidery floss....  Love them too. Those eventually all get used. Perhaps not for what they were purchased for, but they will get used. And they do pile up, because my craft budget is so tight, I stock up where I find bargains and clearance sales and save them till I need them. I live in a small apartment, my cutting board is slid in between the fridge and the cabinet, my fabric is in any drawer or shelf I can squeeze it into. My thread is in gallon jars on the book shelf - looks cool there.

I'm fairly sure that I am not the only stitcher with storage problems. :)

I would love to have a craft room. I envy all of you who have a whole room for crafts. What a wonderful thing that must be.

Thanks for dropping by. Smiles to you. Linda

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