Friday, August 8, 2014

My daughters quilt, block #1

I got my daughters quilt under way. Block #1 is a tulip applique. It's 12 1/2 inches. I did not use any pattern for this block, just got ideas from all the quilts I have seen on line. I used a leaf stencil for the flower petals. I think if I make another I will make the dark petals in all 1 piece instead of 2.

I cut out all the pieces, but forgot to take pics. I think you all know what scissors look like.

Pinned every piece to the background fabric with safety pins. That makes it safer to grab and take with me.

I appliqued the green stems, then started on the light pink flower petal.

That's as for as I got so for.
I didn't think to iron it before I took the pics. (Maybe I will think to do that next time.)

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ready - Set......

Got my Secret Garden stretched onto the stretcher bars. Ready to get stitching.

Smiles to you.

Where did June go?

Oh wow - it's almost the middle of July!!
And where did June go?

I think the only stitching I got done in June was some mending.

The doll show was in the first week of June, and I did get to go and look at all the doll house stuff there.
Forgot my camera at home. :(

And now here it is - July!

Now where did I put that needle......

Not there.....

Not there either......

Nope - not there......


Found it.....

Smiles to you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Secret Garden - Uh Oh - Now you get to see my "expert" tracing equipment.

I dream of a light pad that I see on some of the other blogs. What a cool thing to have. But, since I have nothing like that, I went searching my house to find something that would work. Taping it to a window might have worked when I was young but not now.

This is what I came up with. My faithful cutting board from the kitchen. It was wide enough and let just enough light through to be helpful.

Then I had to find something that would hold the fabric still while I traced. Cloths pins sort of worked but was sticking out in my way when I held the project. So I went with my office clippys. The cutting board was just thin enough for these to grab hold.

And so I taped the page from the Secret Garden book to the cutting board. Just the 4 corners worked fine. (Yes, I had to take the page out of the book, and I hate to do that.)

Then I stretched the fabric over top and clipped it all around. I used a regular pencil and a light hand and set in my comfy chair. I was extra careful tracing this and I think it took me about 3 hours.

Ta Da - all traced and ready to put on the stretcher bars. Here it is still on my pretend light pad.

I got some stretcher bars for this project. I have never used anything but hoops before but I want to see the whole project as I go along and not have to keep moving a hoop.

Make sure to drop by Mary Corbet's Needle N Thread  
Mary is the one that started this beautiful project and is nice enough to help us all follow along with her. (Thanks Mary)  She has also set up a group on Flickr.

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