Monday, September 30, 2013

Needle books and Dollhouse pilllows

I finished some needle books last night. I had some sewing fabric in my stash, that I thought would make a nice needle book. I did some embroidery around the edge. My photos don't do justice to my work. The colors (in person) are bright and crisp on this one, but the photo don't make it look that way.  I'm happy with my work, just not with my photos. (Practice, practice, practice.)

The inside has 4 felt pages and is a teal-ish color.

I couldn't resist all the tiny angels.  You think they might protect someone from pricking their fingers?

There is 2 blue felt pages inside this one.

More sewing fabric that I had in my stash made a cute needle book. I did some embroidery work around the edge of this one too. Button hole stitch, or sometimes called blanket stitch.

The inside has 4 white felt pages.

 And on this one the crisp colors again came out fuzzy looking.

And inside I put 4 black felt pages.

I also finished up some doll house pillows.  
I love the little chickens on this fabric I found. You'll be seeing more of these, cause there are different colors I'm making.

These owls are not finished yet. I still have to add the stuffing. But I had to give you a peek cause the owls are so cute.

That about catches you up on what I been up to.
Thanks for dropping by.
Smiles to you.

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