Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gathering my project stuff.

I'm gathering the final supplies for a couple projects that I'm starting.

One is from The Secret Garden coloring book. I'm following along with Mary Corbet's  Needles N Thread.  

I been eagerly looking forward to getting started on this for weeks and I finally am able to start.  There are several pictures in the book that I want to do. I'm starting with the one she is showing on her blog with the humming birds.  If you have never been to Mary's blog, pop over and look at the wonderful embroidery she does.  I'm getting a late start, but she has it set up with a project index so you can start it any time.

I got my copy of the book at Barn and Noble book store. It is not expensive.  The picture are wonderful for embroidery. Vines and flowers and birds and hidden in each picture is little animals like insects or butterflies or snails.

It's starting to thunder here so I'm shutting this off now.
Thanks for dropping by.
Smiles to you.

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  1. I cant wait to see your embroidery! Yes, I love Mary's blog and embroidery!