Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Still More Snow, and my planner is going again.

Yet again I have no front steps because of snow.
Looks so pretty and clean. The only footprints in it so for is a bird. When I saw it hopping around checking for food, I tossed out some crumbs for it.

I haven't been able to get my camera to work, so that has slowed down my blog posts to almost a stand still. It takes pictures, but won't share them with my computer.

I dug out my old Day runner planner and printed off a new calender for it and got it all set up. I used one pretty much my whole life, but about 5 years ago I sort of let it slip by the wayside. I wasn't working any more (medical) so didn't think I needed it.  I dug it back out the new year. I have a use for it, and glad I didn't toss it out.

I felt I was busy, and not getting anything done. So I thought the planner would help me stay focused. And, truth be known, I dearly love checking things off when I get them done.

While looking for a calender I could print out online, I found some really helpful You Tube videos about planners. I was amazed!! I thought I might get a couple tips. Instead, I couldn't quit watching them.

All these years I thought I was just strange cause I love office supplies, ink pens, fountain pens, planners..... WOW! I am not alone. WE are everywhere! Who knew!?!!

It seems the "in thing" to do now is decorate the planners (mostly Filofax) with all the scrapbooking stuff. I have to say it makes the planners look really cool.

But the main reason I dug mine back out was because I had made some new years resolutions. Same old, same old. Health, weight, stay in touch better, get the house organized...... All the same stuff year after year that some how never gets done.

Resolutions. Hmmmm. Well, that word got tossed out and the word GOALS took it's place. Sounds more do-able already.

Well, this year I dug out my planner to keep track of how much of my time was actually getting focused on the goals I set. At the bottom of each day was 4 letters. G- for goals, E- for exersize,  W- for water I drank, C- for chores (organizing my home)

I was busy. But the time being focused on these things? I hate to say it but in January a lot of the time it looked     G-0  E-0  W-5 cups.

Now that I see it, I can tell you all, the numbers will be different at the end of Feb.

Among other things, I added a walk-o-meter to my shopping list. "Pedometer?"  Although with the weather this winter, snowshoes might have to be put on the list as well. :)

Thanks for dropping by,
Smiles to you.

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