Thursday, December 12, 2013

A little secret.

Christmas is coming fast.  I think it does every year.  I love the Christmas music, and I don't forget what this holiday is all about.   And yet there is a frantic effort to get every ones gift made and there is always one or two more gifts I have to make. And as always, right now I am way behind. And as always at this time of year, I'm promising myself that next year I will pace myself and make a gift each month so I won't be rushed at this time next year.  (I was even able to keep that promise a couple times in my life.)

I make most gifts. My income is so low that I have to.  But even in those rare years in my life that I had the funds to buy gifts, I still made most gifts cause I love doing it.

I love Christmas - even the commercial part of it.  Even though I can't afford to buy things, I love to get out to the shops and just look.  Tons of idea's and eye candy every where.

So while I'm enjoying Christmas season, there is a secret I will share. It's the real time I always look forward to, and totally relish. And that is those few days right after Christmas.  The star is still shining to guide the wise men, labor is over and Mary is nursing her new baby.  And my little corner of the world gets quiet, and peaceful. Nothing else I have to get finished.  No where I have to go. Nothing intrudes.

While I am frantically stitching, and running with my friends to the shops to 'look see'.  If you see a smile you don't understand - it's cause my favorite flannel jammy's and hot cocoa mix is set aside and waiting.

Thank you for dropping by.
Smiles to you.


  1. Of all the gifts I recieve, not just at Christmas, but the year through.........I love those hand made items that come from the heart. They are always the best! Stay warm!